CK Registration No. 2008/010610/23

Academic year for which you wish to apply - 2020-11-03
Programme for which you wish to apply

CATHSSETA001 Art and culture development support NQF 4 R30,000
CATHSSETA002 Craft production NQF 2 R16,000
CATHSSETA003 Design techniques NQF 5 R38,000
CATHSSETA005 Arts and Culture Development 65030 R38,000
CATHSSETA006 Visual Arts 78003 R30,000
CATHSSETA007 Arts and Culture Administration 48818 R30,000

SERVICESSETA001 Business admin services NQF 3 R24,500
SERVICESSETA002 Generic management NQF 2 R16,000
SERVICESSETA003 New venture creation NQF 4 R30,000
SERVICESSETA004 Hygiene and cleaning NQF 1 R12,500
SERVICESSETA005 New venture creation NQF 2 R16,000
SERVICESSETA006 New venture creation NQF 4 R30,000
SERVICESSETA007 Project management NQF 4 R30,000

HOLIDAYART004 Holiday art classes 17 to 18 Dec 2020 (2 days) R700
HOLIDAYART005 Holiday art classes 4 to 5 Jan 2021 (2 days) R700
HOLIDAYART006 Holiday art classes 11 to 13 Jan (3 days) R700
HOLIDAYART007 Holiday art classes 18 to 19 Jan (2 days) R500
HOLIDAYART008 Holiday art classes 6 Apr to 9 Apr 2021 (4 days) R900

SPRINGSUM001 Spring/summer term art classes 1 Nov to 15 Dec 2 days a week – 14 days R2,450
SPRINGSUM002 Spring/summer term art classes 18 Jan to 5 Mar 2 days a week – 14 days R2,450
SPRINGSUM003 Spring/summer term art classes 8 Mar to 16 Apr 2 days – 14 days R2,450
SPRINGSUM004 Spring/summer term art classes 19 Apr to 11 Jun – 14 days R2,450
SPRINGSUM008 Spring/summer term art classes 18 Jan to 5 Feb 2021 R2,250
SPRINGSUM009 Spring/summer term art classes 15 Feb to 5 Mar 2021 R2,250
SPRINGSUM010 Spring/summer term art classes 15 Mar to 2 Apr 2021 R2,250
SPRINGSUM011 Spring/summer term art classes 8 to 19 Feb 2021 R1,500
SPRINGSUM012 Spring/summer term art classes 8 to 19 Mar 2021 R1,500
SPRINGSUM013 Spring/summer term art classes 12 to 23 Apr 2021 R1,500
SPRINGSUM014 Spring/summer term art classes 8 to 19 Feb 2021 R 800
SPRINGSUM015 Spring/summer term art classes 8 to 19 Mar 2021 R 800
SPRINGSUM016 Spring/summer term art classes 12 to 23 Apr 2021 R 800



SETA accredited programmes
• 20% deposit of the total tuition fee must be paid before registration.
• Thereafter, a late registration fee will be charged.
• The initial payment must then be followed by quarterly payments of 20% of the total value of the programme.
• These payments are due before end of term.
• Thereafter, interest will be charged for balance owed beyond three months.

I qualify for an early bird discount
Discounts are available for all SETA accredited programmes provided 50% of the cost is paid upfront, that is, before programme begins.

Payment will be made by EFT or credit card to the following account:

Payment should be made to:
Art Versatile
First National Bank
Account no 62207549893
Branch name East London
Branch code 210121
Account type Cheque account
In the case of an EFT, proof of payment should be sent to (email) . Please use the name and surname of the learner or student as a reference and bring proof of payment to our art studios when attending the classes.

Credit card payments can be made via the Art Versatile website,

Please do not make any payments before Art Versatile has invoiced you.
Payments for training events are payable on presentation of invoice and not exceeding 5 days of date of invoice. Interest on outstanding payments at the Please do not mail any payments.

Terms and Conditions: Available on our website

I acknowledge that I have read and understood all the terms and conditions of my registration as is set-out above and on the website of Art Versatile, and that I am duly authorised to complete and sign this registration form. I further give permission to OPT-IN to Art Versatile’s marketing messages or any of its associated companies to use any all email addresses given on this form for future marketing and that we can OPT OUT at any stage if I/we no longer wish to receive the Art Versatile marketing material

All inquiries, applications and registration:: East London: 068 528 4084 or email to

Authorised by:
(Print name)

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