Cost of programme: R38,000 (VAT inclusive)

Minimum credits: 139
RPL available
Duration of programme: One year
Presented: Full-time

Payment structure

  • 20% deposit of the total tuition fee must be paid before registration.
  • Thereafter, a late registration fee will be charged.
  • The initial payment must then be followed by quarterly payments of 20% of the total value of the programme.
  • These payments are due before end of term.
  • Thereafter, interest will be charged for balance owed beyond three months.

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Passionate about the arts?  This specialised qualification helps creative practitioners cross various arts and cultural disciplines to develop, conduct, and implement arts and culture learning interventions, projects or campaigns, and develop products.

The programme is suitable for arts and culture programme facilitators, and arts and culture professionals in a city gallery schools programme, freelancer in hospitals, old age homes, artists-in-residence, presenting own work or facilitating learning of specialist expertise for learners.


The qualification was designed based on the assumption that the following competencies have been achieved:

  • Communication and language at NQF Level 4.
  • Competencies in a chosen arts and culture discipline(s) equivalent or higher than NQF Level 4.

Learners who have met the requirements of any unit standard that forms part of this qualification may apply for recognition of prior learning to the relevant Education and Training Quality Assurance body (ETQA).



Qualifying learners will be able to:

  • Identify and select arts and culture development intervention participants
  • Evaluate own development activities based on current research
  • Develop arts and culture products and processes in development interventions.
  • Facilitate arts and culture development interventions.
  • Conduct arts and culture assessments.
  • Develop and manage resources for arts and culture development interventions.


This programme consists of five skills programmes:

  1. Arts and culture development intervention participants
  2. Develop arts and culture products
  3. Facilitate arts and culture development interventions
  4. Conduct arts and culture assessments
  5. Develop and manage resources for arts and culture.


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