Cost of programme: R16,000 (VAT inclusive)

Minimum credits: 141 unit standard credits
RPL available
Duration of programme: One year
Presented: Full-time

Payment structure

  • 20% deposit of the total tuition fee must be paid before registration.
  • Thereafter, a late registration fee will be charged.
  • The initial payment must then be followed by quarterly payments of 20% of the total value of the programme.
  • These payments are due before end of term.
  • Thereafter, interest will be charged for balance owed beyond three months.

Craft Production factsheet

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People credited with this qualification are able to produce craft products using hand-held tools, consistently demonstrating the competencies required for working safely and effectively in craft enterprises in general.

The qualification is designed to be flexible and accessible and also to be the foundation for development into other areas of craft such as design, production, enterprise and marketing.

The qualification provides learners with access to the FET certificate NQF Level 4.


It is assumed that a candidate has the necessary skills at this level:

  • Communication at NQF Level 1
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 1
  • Life Skills Level 1.



On completion of this qualification, the learner will be able to:


  1. Communicate with stakeholders and communities for arts and culture projects
  2. Prepare and implement arts and culture learning interventions
  3. Contribute towards assessment processes
  4. Support learning interventions
  5. Organise and coordinate arts and culture projects
  6. Support arts and culture product development process
  7. Investigate and explore the positioning of arts and culture products and projects.


Learners credited with this qualification are capable of:

  • Communicating in a variety of ways
  • Using mathematics in practical applications
  • Accumulating ideas for the design of craft product
  • Interpreting client specifications for craft production
  • Preparing materials and equipment for craft production
  • Making marketable craft products
  • Producing sequences of the same craft product
  • Reviewing and finishing craft products for market
  • Costing and pricing craft products for a sustainable craft enterprise
  • Controlling stock and material of craft production
  • Planning production of craft products
  • Functioning in a craft business environment.

In addition, learners elect to become competent at:

  • Importing and exporting craft product
  • Planning their own career development
  • End-using computers
  • Ensuring that occupational health, safety and environmental requirements are met.


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