Cost of programme: R38,000 (VAT inclusive)

Minimum credits: 162
RPL available
Duration of programme: 12-18 months
Presented: Full-time

Payment structure

  • 20% deposit of the total tuition fee must be paid before registration.
  • Thereafter, a late registration fee will be charged.
  • The initial payment must then be followed by quarterly payments of 20% of the total value of the programme.
  • These payments are due before end of term.
  • Thereafter, interest will be charged for balance owed beyond three months.

Generic management NQF5 factsheet

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You are a junior manager or team leader who is looking to get ahead.  Build your skills with this intermediate programme.

This will allow you to lead, manage, organise and control first-line managers and team leaders.

You will get to understand key concepts, principles and practices of management such as leadership, managing the environment, managing relations, managing knowledge and the practice of management.

This is suitable for you if you are a manager in a smaller organisation or entity or responsible for managing the supervisors and staff within a section, division or business unit.



It is assumed that the learner accessing this qualification is competent in:

  • Communication at NQF Level 4.
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4.


On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

  • Initiate, develop, implement and evaluate operational strategies, projects and action plans so as to improve the effectiveness of the unit.
  • Monitor and measure performance and apply continuous or innovative improvement interventions in the unit.
  • Lead and manage a team of first-line managers to enhance individual, team and unit effectiveness.
  • Build relationships with superiors and with stakeholders across the value chain.
  • Apply the principles of risk, financial and knowledge management and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks.
  • Enhance the development of teams and team members.


The curriculum of this qualification is as follows:

Skills programme 1: People management

Skills programme 2: Workplace management

Skills programme 3: Decision-making

Skills programme 4: Unit management.


  • More details to follow.
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