Recollections transform male consciousness

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This tribute to a maternal grandmother of co-author Litha Ncokazi is based on his childhood memories of growing up in the Transkei, Eastern Cape, in South Africa.

Aspects of these recollections have in turn served as a reminder that there is generally an ongoing need for transformations of male consciousness around gender issues and for men to take up roles as catalysts contributing to constructive social change with regard to improving ways in which women are respected and treated in contemporary southern African society.

Ceramic artworks featured in this article are selected from the Litha Ncokazi Graduation Exhibition, Ann Bryant Gallery, East London, 2006.

John Steele supervised Litha Ncokazi’s B. Tech studies. They collaborated to produce this article which has been divided into three sections, each of which has been indicated at the beginning by a drop cap.

Steele has mainly authored the introductory section, then Ncokazi [who uses the personal pronoun “I”] has provided commentary on his artworks in the main section, then both authors have arrived at a joint conclusion.

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