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East London ceramic artists, Litha Ncokazi, is one of a 240 South African artists to have their works to be included in the IDC gallery.

The IDC Gallery was established in 2012.

The IDC says that it became evident that there was a need to extend that support by providing access to a market. The IDC made available the space for IDC employees and guests to engage with the artists through the gallery. Under the CSI Strategic Programmes, the gallery is an initiative which provides a platform for emerging young artists to showcase their work.

These are artist who are not well known artists, but rather artists who will benefit from increasing their portfolios’ and avenues to markets. The curator’s mandate is to identify artist from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who has the desire and with potential to emerge as successful artists within the Arts and Culture sector.

The gallery links artists to opportunities, it is therefore measured against sales and it is importantly about increasing the publicity of the artist within and outside the IDC.

Download the profile here.

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